Guy Kremer

Guy Kremer
Guy compiled his professional C.V. when he worked with Avnet (2001)

Guy Kremer


2000-2001 Avnet Deloitte & Touche
Chief of technology in computer field.
1997-Today Zehut Software
CTO / Founder
Zehut Software is a software developer company specializing in data security products and solutions.
  • Managing the company R&D program.
  • Initiating and conducting technical feasibility study for the company’s leading product: an image authentication solution involving pattern recognition, change detection, cryptography and image content compression.
  • Developing the product algorithmic kernel.
  • Designing a novel access control product based on memorizing patterns.
  • Performing security products evaluation and reverse engineering as a consulting service for the company clients.
1995-1997 MetaForm, a subsidiary of Zeevi Computers LTD
Senior Team Leader
Meta-form is a leading software developer and integrator company for the imaging market, specializing in complex form processing and image processing applications.
  • Developing bi-tonal image enhancement algorithms in distributed environment for large-scale imaging service bureau.
  • Designing and managing development of imaging platform for mass image archiving.
  • Leading R&D activity for the company future products.
1992-1993 IBMS, Melbourne, Australia
Team Leader / System Designer
IBMS is a software developer company targeting medical and medium business management markets.
  • Designing the company new business product (Hi-Finance) server component using distributed processing technology.
  • Managing development team and customer requirements.
  • Developing system algorithmic kernel for distributed processing.
1991-1992 Elad Systems
Team Leader / Developer
Elad Systems is a leading software developer company in the data management market in Israel.
  • Design and develop emergency situation management system for hospitals.
  • Design and development of rule-based billing system.
  • Developing Hebrew formal language compiler.
  • Developing novel MMI plug-in for Magic II application generator.
1990-1991 Freelance developer
  • Analyze, design and develop a complete small business management package including: accounting, recipes, stock management, sales and orders, manufacturing, etc.
  • Develop device drivers for car fueling system.
1987-1990 Israel Air Force
Designer / Developer
  • Developing office management solution including: mail, resource and work planning, human resource management, etc. using Magic II.
  • Developing data processing application connecting local database (Btrieve) to legacy database using Focus application generator.


Qualifications Experience is founded on 12+ years of development, analysis and design of software products in diverse fields such as data management, image processing, data security, and intelligent systems
Languages & Environments C, C++ (STL, MFC, ATL), Assembly (80x86 family), Fortran, VB, Prolog. Win32 API, COM, WinNT drivers.
Operating Systems MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Win9x, WinNT-Win2K, Linux
Fields Of Expertise Security & Cryptography, Image Processing & Machine Vision, System Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Reverse Engineering, OOD/OOP.


Mostly self-educated.
Programming experience goes back to age 7 – developing simple application using Fortran on PDP mainframes. Programming experience originated at the family-owned software company (40 employees) and continues with the very first personal computers (Sinclair ZX-81). During school year, developed 3D function plotting (including mesh plot, hidden surface removal, and views), and various computer games.


Available on request.

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